Yogurt Art – interactive art exhibition

January 24, 2012; Gallery Rakursi, 4A, Han Krum Str.


Bulgaria used to be famous for the good yogurt thanks to the Lactobacterium bulgaricum. As a consequence to DANONE, the globalization, communism, democracy, the economical crisis and who knows what else it is almost impossible now to eat genuine yogurt in Bulgaria.

I dedicated this exhibition to the old fashion handmade Bulgarian yogurt.

The exhibition showed paintings done with sharply contrasting media or manner or hues in order to provoke a dynamic sensation. By referring to the making of yogurt with traditional yeast I am using a metaphor about transformation in life: what makes us change our nature and what can turn us over or remodel our lives: the same way as the yeast transforms milk into yogurt.

I am interested in the dynamic moment of transformation from one thing to another. Each one of us has our unique and genuine yeast and we are able to transform or get transformed when in contact with other living things.


For the interactive part of the exhibition, on Saturday, January 28, 2012 I proposed empty spaces in ready images to be drawn or painted by volunteers interested in the process of transforming an image or in getting transformed by it.

This creative action reveals itself to be as risky as the traditional making of yogurt:

it may or may not work: it all depends on how genuine are the ingredients and how much love and faith one dedicates to the making.


Mariangela Anastassova