YOGURT ART – performance


Cite des Arts, Paris                                    Novembre 29 – December 3, 2013


Performance YOGURT ART(au goût bulgare) or How to ferment Art?

Bulgaria is famous for its yogurt thanks to Lactobacterium bulgaricum. By referring to the making of yogurt with traditional yeast, Mariangela Anastassova is using a metaphor about transformation: what makes us change our nature and turns us over – the same way as milk gets transformed into yogurt by yeast.

Starting November 29, the artists in Cite des Arts were invited by Mariangela to choose and cut out a piece from her landscape inspired by Bulgaria. They collaged their piece on a new canvas and painted the rest of the canvas in their style making their absolutely unique and different artworks they created in response to Mariangela’s yeast. On December3, all participants exhibited their artwork and tasted yogurt she made with French milk and yogurt yeast brought from Bulgaria.

Another version of the performance was to complete a work by Mariangela, painting in an especially reserved spot for external yeast. This is how her painting can get endless variations and still remain Mariangela’s work


Participants:Miglena Alexandrova, Bulgaria, Marie Rene Otis, Canada, Deneth Wadaarachchige, Shri Lanka, Wilson and Suzan Hughes, Virginia, USA, Ro Lohin and Kevin Wixted, New York, Jerome Berbier, Switzerland,  Maria Christou, Australia, Roberta Faulhaber, USA, France