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Surprise Art for the Leonardos of the 21st century

  SURPRISE ART – INITIATION EXPERIMENT      I am a visual artist and for more than 15 years I am using interactive interventions in my exhibitions sensing the need for involving the audience and creating a genuine dialogue. Here are references about some of my interactive exhibitions: Sofia puddles, Bulgarian Umbrella, Yeast, Yogurt art And because […]

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Как да станем Леонардовци на 21 век

леонардовци на 21 ви век   Леонардовците на 21ви век не обичат да контролират всичко, те не са единствени а обичат да споделят и да партнират, обичат да бъдат изненадвани. Можете да пробвате на горния линк!
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