Surprise Art for the Leonardos of the 21st century



 I am a visual artist and for more than 15 years I am using interactive interventions in my exhibitions sensing the need for involving the audience and creating a genuine dialogue.

Here are references about some of my interactive exhibitions: Sofia puddles, Bulgarian Umbrella, Yeast, Yogurt art

And because for 25 years I was also a teacher, in my practice with students I have discovered the potential of the Arts similar to the one in Prehistoric times:

 Art as magic, Art which transforms individuals and the world around them!

As a start for beginners who want to access this magic I use the exercise: SURPRISE ART

It is an abstract simple random exercise with the wet on wet watercolour technique followed by a conscious reflection and simple intervention.


So far it has led my students to express themselves in a unique artistic way, but at the same time they became able to sense and connect with unknown sides of themselves and the world surrounding them… Students were opening themselves to an unexpected world and learning to trust their intuition and discover their own strengths. There is more to expect, even, but it is a surprise for the moment!


Young students – from KG to Grade 2

Upper elementary students – Grade 3/5

Middle and High school students and Adults

    Parents and children groups


AAS Afterschool activities for Elementary students

My Studio in Iztok area (near Moskwa hotel- at the end of Borisova gradina)- on Mondays and Thursdays – from 5 to 7p.m.

Weekends on demand in different locations

    Online through Google classroom on Mondays and Thursdays (5 to 7p.m.)

And as some of the exercises are interactive and may involve creating videos, I am providing guidance and feedback.

Successful IMovie films will be published for comments on the Surprise Art Page on Facebook as well as on Instagram:

Surprise Art for the Leonardos of the 21st Century | Mariangela

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