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Surprise Art for the Leonardos of 21st century

SURPRISE ART – INITIATION EXPERIMENT      I am a visual artist and for more than 15 years I am using interactive interventions in my exhibitions sensing the need for involving the audience and creating a genuine dialogue. Here are references about some of my interactive exhibitions: Sofia puddles, Bulgarian Umbrella, Yeast, Yogurt art And because for […]

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Покана за Левитация (Втори дубъл)   Художниците, от векове използват маслени бои върху подготвено платно и така си осигуряват контрол върху цвета и формата. Точно обратното се получава при техниката която използвам в картините от тази изложба. Използвам неподготвено платно и акрил с  подобрител на втечняването на боите. Цветът тече свободно и се променя при […]

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Art workshop (Life is a balance between holding on and letting go. Rumi )

Summer 2021   U Furu Atelier d’art Enjoy the unexpected A painting technique to practice the Zen art of relaxation and concentration at the same time.   For centuries, artists used oil on prepared canvas to ensure better control of color and shape.  But when I tried painting with acrylic and Flow enhancer on non-prepared canvas, I [...]
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